Industry – Digital Mixed Media on Cradle Panel. 11 x 14 inches

Early Encouragement

It was only a couple weeks into my art studio stay at Vibrandt Art Studio, that I was working away on some paintings and a chance conversation about digital art and digital mixed media brought out a piece I was currently working on to show (Industry). The artwork was well received and was purchased as is. Another work went to the same wonderful patron, one of my first mixed media pieces (A Fall in the Harbour).

I was so happy to see the joy she displayed with the work. I felt very validated, as she was friends with a very talented artist in France who practices digital transfer and mixed media as well.

Seeing generally positive responses to my art and also having someone (who legitimately at the time was neither known to me or family), purchase the art was validation to some degree.

Granted my prices are ‘accessible’ at this time, for many reasons, but in truth I really want to see these works find good homes where they can bring someone a smile or stir the imagination when they pass it by or stare at it for a while. You can’t put a price tag on that.

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