I Have to Admit I am a Bit Surprised

Things are Better than I Expected

Things have been going remarkably well, since setting up shop at the Karmyc Bazaar, from a brief interview with local TV on the store’s grand opening, along with a streak of sales for me.

I am feeling very greatful to all my friends who have supported me in this endeavour past and present, especially my girl Maggie. I also think the cats are supportive, but I can’t be entirely sure.

The energy at the store overall is very good, surrounded by an array of diverse art works, and crafts.

Some of my older works are the ones that are selling, and this makes me quite happy (and a bit sad because I will miss them). I am now focusing on new works, still trying to maintain my voice and style. To say it’s a struggle is an understatement, but I am supported by great folks, and encouraged by quality feedback from visitors and peers.

The Unexpected Reward

One thing I didn’t expect however, was that I would enjoy meeting the people who buy my work so much. Those that know me I tend to be a bit of an intervert. However having the conversations about the work, my history, and their lives is really engaging. I really am overwhelmed by these wonderful patrons, and I truly hope to meet many more. I know when I speak with these people that the paintings are going to good homes.

The only regret I have so far is forgetting to solicit a photo of them with the paintings or having them send me a photo of the paintings hung in their spaces!

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