Alaska by Phone – An Introspective Journey


Alaska by Phone – The Video and the Photos

I recently traveled to Alaska (August 2017) via cruise-liner with my fiancee and her family. It was a unique opportunity for me as it certainly wouldn’t have been something I would have considered. Where people decided to attempt the various excursions and be the extremely adventurous type. I chose to spend the time introspectively taking in a wonderful atmosphere and intense spirit of the environment.

It was typical Alaska weather, cloudy, and rainy, but for me, this was just perfect – magical even. It spoke to me, and I hope my photos helped to capture ‘My Alaska by Phone’.

No Heavy Camera Gear – Smartphone Only

I made the decision to document the entire trip strictly with the technology at my fingertips – my smart phone. In this case, it was an LG G5. I wanted to prove that a captivating experience could be captured with out all the “gear”. I used the app by Google called SnapSeed (on the phone) to retouch the photos. The results are below (resized in Photoshop for the web), some of these photos appear in the video montage ‘Alaska by Phone’, and some do not. There are more of course, but these are some of my personal favourites. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments!

para_mount-Alaska Mountains-Alaska stern-glacierbay--Alaska mendenhall-glacier-Alaska ketchikan-church-Alaska sitka-church-Alaskaketchikan-totem margerie-glacier2-Alaska margerie-glacier-Alaska juneau-night-Alaska juneau-mountains juneau-glacierpark-Alaska Alaska Eurodam glacier--Alaska glacierbay-portrait-Alaska glacierbay-wide--Alaska


  1. Cody says:

    These are amazing! Well done Mr. Arlidge!

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