A New Journey Begins

When did it all start?

It all started years ago, in 2012. I decided to pick up the paint brush, and try my hand at traditional painting. I started with a cheap and flimsy easel, stationed precariously in the middle of my kitchen. I had chosen to start with water mixable oils. I have cats, and didn’t want to run the risk of having dangerous chemicals in my small basement suite.

I should state at this point, that I do have a limited traditional art background. I had my exposure to various drawing, painting and printing techniques in my two years of Fine Art College. I chose, however to go into Graphic Design rather than Studio Art so my painting stopped there.

I don’t regret my decision, as I have been able to make a decent living, and enjoy some truly great projects and experiences within the graphic design sphere. This freedom has allowed me to pursue and learn a great deal about the digital art and it’s something I did for sometime and had many rewarding experiences along that path.

I am still employed as a graphic designer at this time, and have not lost a deep love for the work. It was one of the things I think I was meant to do, but not the only thing. I want to experience true creative freedom of painting my own vision without constraint. This may be naive but its still a dream.

Enter, the Art


First Light – Oils on Canvas – 14 x 18 inches

Or should I say traditional art? Moving on from the graphics tablet and stylus to a paint brush palette knife and mind full of inspiration.
Since starting that first real painting (First Light) I have moved from storing a few dusty paintings from my abode to renting studio space at the Karmyc Bazaar gallery to show my work, and in some cases when working at the studio gallery, show my process.

There are a couple reasons why this is both so exciting and terrifying.

  1. First there is the obvious. I am a relative nobody in the local art scene, I know a few people, but beyond that, I might be compared to, art brut. I do not have a Fine Arts degree, pedigree, representation, or affiliations that many practicing artists have. I do however have close to 18 years and counting of graphic design, graphic art and digital painting experience to parlay into this new medium in one way shape or form.
  2. It’s exciting because its a challenge, and I am learning every day something new about the art world, the practice, and I am excited that you can experience that with me. It doesn’t matter you may be an aspiring artist like me, or just a fan or collector of art, either way I welcome the company on this journey!

Everyone has to start somewhere.

I was presented with a choice, I could continue to just paint periodically and furnish our condo with my work, or bare my soul and put it out there.

I decided finally as an opportunity presented itself at a local studio gallery to have my work shown and rent a small space. The fact that the main artist of the gallery felt my work was strong enough to sell and put on the walls was a good boost to my spirits, but I know I would have a long road ahead of me. Learning my mediums, techniques, and putting the hours in would be the key to my improvement and success. I took this step to see if I had what it takes to stay the course, and If I can put a couple of my artworks in peoples homes while I am at it I will be very happy.

I truly hope you take an opportunity to view my gallery of works, or if you are in Kelowna, BC come and visit Karmyc Bazaar and have a browse of my work in the ‘flesh’.

In Conclusion

I only hope I can grow in my art and expression, and weather the storm of critique that is inevitable from the Art Community, and pay my dues as I go along.

If you have any advice for an emerging artist such as myself I would love to hear it, please feel free to comment below, or contact me.

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