2016 – Member’s Exhibit – Kelowna Art Gallery

Drawn to Autumn, mixed media on cradle panel

Drawn to Autumn, mixed media on cradle panelI was extremely happy to be in this year’s member’s exhibit at the Kelowna Art Gallery. This year’s exhibit was opened along side “Drawn from Life” exhibit. The member’s exhibit was one of the gallery’s largest in history with over 80 entries.

I was very impressed with the overall quality of the entrants, and enjoyed the opening. I had an opportunity to meet some new people, and get some perspectives on what people were thinking about my own piece “Drawn to Autumn”. This piece is 18 x 24 inches acrylic and mixed media on cradle panel. The colours are extremely bold, and painting this made me very uncomfortable, but the general reception to the work seemed politely positive.

The work itself was inspired by Autumn and my ongoing interest in the patterns, colour and textures that occur in rusted metal. You can start to see this influence (maybe) in my latest pieces that are now showing at the Karmyc Bazaar Gallery.

I continue to be inspired by the abstract landscape, and having an opportunity to show my work in such a great venue was wonderful to be part of. There really are so many great and talented artists in this show, all of whom make me realize what a great art community we have to grow and develop in.

I was happy and flattered to see that it was placed on the wall facing directly out to the street, very visible. You can see the painting in the background this photo.

Drawn to Autumn, main window showing.I would like to thank all the good folks at the Kelowna Art Gallery for putting together such a great exhibit, and I am looking forward to next year’s member’s exhibit already. I can only imagine the logistics required to get something like this organized.

If you are in the Kelowna area, have a pop in and check out the exhibits!

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